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Favorite Classics Camera & Repair Articles Test Equipment Battery Holder
Radio Shack part number 270-401. This is a single AA battery holder that is very handy to test if galvanometers are working. Just momentarily touch power to the galvanometer contacts. If the needle jumps, it is good. Warning: do not leave battery connected to galvanometer. Galvanometers have very small wires and may not like lots of current passing through them. You may even wish to put a resistor in series with the battery.

Another handy use is to power a camera when power must be connected then removed several times. Saves the effort of installing/uninstalling the standard camera battery repeatedly. Just clip one wire (on most cameras this will be the holders red wire) to the frame using a test lead then use the other holder wire (black) as a powered probe. I also have a two AA battery holder I use for the same purposes. Radio Shack part number 270-408.