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Favorite Classics Camera & Repair Articles Kiev 60: hole burned in shutter curtain

Kiev 60: hole burned in shutter curtain
by Henry Taber

This repair technique is not original. Several different versions can be located on the net. This is only my take on the subject. Here we are trying to repair a rather sizable hole burned in the shutter curtain due to the sun shining directly through the lens. This camera, like a Biometar lens mentioned elsewhere on this site, is my friend Uf Tureli's.

First, here is what the hole looks like from the front and rear:

Since this is my first attempt at this at this type of repair, I can't tell you how permanent it will be.

All that is needed is an index card as a mixing surface, white Elmer's Glue and Flat Black pigment. Many net references suggest India Ink. Since the hole was rather big I scraped fibers from the inside of a junk everready case to hopefully add some strength, much like adding fabric to fiberglass.

Squirt the glue onto the card and mix in the fibers. Add the pigment (ink) until the solution is opaque. Wait a little while until the solution starts getting tacky. Then with a screwdriver fill the hole and blend flat on both sides. Let it set overnight to dry. That's it.