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Favorite Classics Instruction Manuals Manuals FAQ

Q1. How do I download the manuals?

Click into a manual on the list and a login panel should pop up. You should now enter the login name and password provided on the top of the instruction or repair manual's main page.

Q2. When I click into the manuals, why does it ask for a name and password?

Due to the amount of people hotlinking/leeching (directly linking to the images and not the HTML page) to these manuals, we had to password-protect the manuals in order to prevent the draining of our paid limited bandwidth. Read stop and prevent hotlink bandwidth theft. Webmasters, if you'd like to link to our manuals, please link to the main pages only:
Instruction Manuals: http://www.kyphoto.com/classics/instructionmanuals.html
Repair Manuals: http://www.kyphoto.com/classics/repairmanuals.html

Q3. The name and password doesn't work, why?

The name and password are changed on a regular basis, always refer to the instruction manual's main page (or repair manual's main page) for the new name and password. If you've entered the new login information and it still doesn't work, go onto Question 4.

Q4. I can't download the manuals!

Boy, this could involve in a lot of things. The login feature was tested in Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Safari on PC and MAC platforms. It may or may not be compatible with other browsers or operating systems. If you are indeed using the browser and operating system from the list mentioned, make sure there's no firewall (from browser or third party software) that may be blocking/preventing the login pane from appearing. If all fails, try clearing the history and cache on your browser. It definitely would be helpful for troubleshooting purposes if the specs could be provided of the computer and browser you are trying to access these manuals on.

Q5. How can I print the manuals?

Honestly, these manuals are not meant for printing. We've scanned and resized them to the point where they are legible on different resolutions and monitors. However, printing is possible but only for personal use only. There are two ways:
1. Check in your browser's "Page Setup" or "Print" menu for an option called, "Print to Scale"
2. Download the pages onto your computer and resize them in an imaging program of your choice

Q6. I can't find the manual I'm looking for, can you help me find it?

Manual Links - all free camera instruction manuals we are aware of on the web
Sources for Instruction & Repair Manuals

Q7. How can I contribute manuals?

Favorite Classics ran into a problem with the lack of storage space and bandwidth, therefore, sharing all the manuals on our site that we've received in the past couple of years is almost impossible. However, if you'd still like to send us the manual, without guarantee that it'll be posted, you are very welcomed. If you have personal webspace to serve these files, that would be even better, give us the link and we'll provide that link on our manuals list.