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Sources for Instruction & Repair Manuals
by Margaret

Manufacturers may still have a photocopy/original copy of your manual, before anything else, try to contact them first. They may charge a small fee for shipping/handling. I suppose you don't need links to them, just do a search on Google. So you've looked and searched about everywhere on the web but still cannot find a place to download a free version of the manual. Then bad news, probably there isn't one. If you really want one, then buy a copy from the following sources. Each store varies from availability and prices.

Craig Camera
Excellent selection of "high quality" reprinted instruction and repair manuals. ~$10 to $40.

OldTimer Cameras Ltd. (UK)
Based in the UK but has a huge selection of instruction manuals. ~£3.00- £9.95.

Photo Books Online
Some instruction and repair manuals, photocopy. ~$5-$20.
"At this time we offer over 400 service manual reprints and 4000 plus instruction manuals both original and reprints. All of our manuals are digitally scanned and reprinted on state of the art Canon image runner printers, adjusted for density and monitored during the printing proces, and trimmed and stapled to look like the originals. They are not plain old photocopies."

National Camera
A fair amount of original and microfiche factory repair manuals. Service manuals are $6-$12. Microfiches are ~$3.00-$150.00.