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A good digital multimeter is invaluable in circuit testing. An analog meter is fine but a digital one is easier to read and can also be used in a cheapie Shutter Speed Tester you can make.

One of the best, inexpensive ones you can get is the Elenco M-1000B. It can be purchased online at Micro-tools or C&S Sales. Radio Shack also carries many good meters.

Although I have the older Elenco M-1000A, I favor my Metex ME-11 because it can be connected to my laptop and data samples saved without me picking up a pencil. And it can be used as a limited oscilloscope. An expensive meter like this is not necessary for camera repair. I just found it on sale one day so cheap that I couldn’t resist.

If you have a multimeter you have probably read the instructions so I won’t go into how to use one testing a camera.