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Repair Tools
by Henry Taber

We’ve been asked numerous times: "What tools do I need to fix my camera?"

This is not an easy question to answer. A simple jam can sometimes be fixed with no tools. Just turning knobs gently and pushing buttons even more gently...along with "thumping" the camera at various angles into an open palm may free it right up. Or removing just the bottom cover and tripping the wind lock while winding may free the wind lever. Or judiciously flooding gear trains with Ronsonsol and blowing dry can unstick pivot shafts.

Then sometimes every tool mentioned here plus more will be needed. But the most important aspect of any tool is that it do no harm. So if a screwdriver doesn’t fit, don’t use it. (Know the difference between Phillips and Crosspoint) Find one that fits or modify the one you have. Use rubber tools whenever possible.

Create a neat work area with good, non-glaring lights. Use some sort of pad (washcloth or working mats) between desk and camera. Line parts up in order of removal. And make notes and sketches of disassembly...you WILL forget.

Camera repair tools can be broken down into catagories:

Tools to begin with
Specialty tools
Power tools
Tools you can make or improvise
Liquid (and solid) tools
Measurement Tools
Test Equipment

These lists are by no means everything you may need. Nor must you have them all in the begining. They are items we use frequently and have had success with. Be enterprising, improvise.... And tell us of any trick or tool you find handy.

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