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Needle Files
A cheapie set of 10 different cross-sections has worked fine.
  Set of Batteries
If I had a nickel for every time a friend has shown me this "broken" camera and all I did was put in a fresh battery... well, I’d have at least a dollar! Seriously, keep a set of various batteries around. I have a short length of wooden 2x4 with holes drilled in it to organize my batteries.

Filter Ring Remover
Most camera shops carry cheapie filter ring removers. The big plier-like ones seem best. I don’t have a set of these big, nice...expensive...ones, but they are on my Christmas List.
Head Loupe
Next to my Tee-handle Niwa driver I use this the most. Could be my aging eyes?? I use it in diagnosing parts or checking lens element cleanliness, as a face shield while making parts with the rotary tool, any time I solder... gosh, all the time.