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Test Equipment
by Henry Taber

A good set of tools may get that old camera snapping and clicking, but how does one know if it’s truly working CORRECTLY?

Granted, getting the knobs and levers to move is the first step. However, the job isn’t over until a well exposed photo is taken of the fat lady singing!

Basic functions that should be tested are:

Shutter speed
Shutter curtain speed
Aperture opening
Meter accuracy
Flash sync

The basic test equipment one needs to check these functions are:

Test (jumper) leads
Battery holder w/battery
Adjustable light source
Shutter speed tester
Combination shutter speed/curtain speed tester
Aperture tester
Flash sync tester
EV tester
Collimator (focus tester)

Most of these test devices are described in Tomosy’s first two books or in Romney’s "Revised Basic Training". What I’ve described here is my two-cents on the subject. Having any, or all, these books on your reference shelf is a good idea. Also factory service manuals can be very informative. But don’t expect step-by-step instructions from a factory manual. Or any manual for that matter. Usually you can consider yourself lucky if even the factory manual has good exploded views and a list of specs.